Wata Igarashi - WIP03

The third release on the newly formed label. 

Earlier this year Wata Igarashi launched a new label titled WIP. An abbreviation for both Wata Igarashi Productions or Work In Progress the label serves as a platform to release his own music. Following on from the first two releases, WIP01 & WIP02, which were ambient and cosmic based tracks comes the third instalment in the form of two techno works.

1. Eruption 
2. Decrypt 

Recently I was making a TB-303 sample pack for PVH’s 60sounds sample platform, and this put me back in a techno mood. So after WIP01 and WIP02 had an ambient vibe, I wanted WIP03 to be for the dancefloor. “Eruption” and “Decrypt” are two tracks I made for my DJ sets, one stronger, the other more melodic. I’ve enjoyed playing them out and am happy to now share them here. Hope you enjoy WIP03!

Take care, Wata:”

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