Wata Igarashi - WIP03

The third release on the new­ly formed label. 

Ear­li­er this year Wata Igarashi launched a new label titled WIP. An abbre­vi­a­tion for both Wata Igarashi Pro­duc­tions or Work In Progress the label serves as a plat­form to release his own music. Fol­low­ing on from the first two releas­es, WIP01 & WIP02, which were ambi­ent and cos­mic based tracks comes the third instal­ment in the form of two tech­no works.

1. Erup­tion 
2. Decrypt 

Recent­ly I was mak­ing a TB-303 sam­ple pack for PVH’s 60sounds sam­ple plat­form, and this put me back in a tech­no mood. So after WIP01 and WIP02 had an ambi­ent vibe, I want­ed WIP03 to be for the dance­floor. Erup­tion” and Decrypt” are two tracks I made for my DJ sets, one stronger, the oth­er more melod­ic. I’ve enjoyed play­ing them out and am hap­py to now share them here. Hope you enjoy WIP03!

Take care, Wata:”

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