DJ Nobu NTS show

Spacey atmospheres and sparse rollers from Japan’s DJ Nobu.”

DJ Nobu is one of a kind; a DJ with no fixed style but instead a very real ability to draw on a wide world of music and cook up his own unique sound spaces. He is something of a cult figure for those who know with decades of experience, all of which are distilled at his acclaimed party ‘Future Terror’, his label ‘Bitta’ and his few choice production outings. In his latest affair, DJ Nobu forged a typically killer 60-minute mix for NTS Radio.

Over the course of the hour-long outing, Nobu freely strolls through an eclectic selection of electronic music. A strong deposition of timbres and tonalities in the opening passages guides you through plucked ambient works and gradually into impending off-kilter rhythms. What unfolds from here is a well-informed selection of horizontally inclined IDM and techno oddities to stimulate your cerebral. Nobu clearly states, ‘If you like any of the tracks I played, please consider purchasing them this Friday on Bandcamp’. Full tracklist here, listen below! 

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