GiGi FM September NTS show

Where the lunar phase and music collide...

GiGi FM is a French/​Italian force well and tru­ly to be reck­oned with. Asso­ci­at­ing tex­tures and colours with the sounds she hears, GiGi has a tru­ly unique approach to col­lect­ing, select­ing, play­ing and mak­ing music afford­ing her a nat­ur­al abil­i­ty to cre­ate atmos­pheres and ambi­ence, unlike many oth­ers. In her lat­est NTS show, GiGi wel­comes the new moon of Vir­go with a vast array of aligned selections. 

Use this Vir­go New Moon ener­gy to sup­port your mind and body. Get out of repet­i­tive or inse­cure think­ing, and into a place of still­ness, trust, and knowing.

I hope you enjoy the journey :)” 

Music by: Dona­to Dozzy, Kon­duku, Black Mer­lin, Refract­ed, and more.

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