GiGi FM streams for FOLD

Transmissions from London.

GiGi FM captures imaginations with creative intuition. Associating textures and colours with the sounds she hears, GiGi has a truly unique approach to collecting, selecting, playing and making music affording her a natural ability to create atmospheres and ambience, unlike many others. In her latest outing, the French/Italian force to be reckoned with was invited to the Canning Town based creative space FOLD for an evening of streams alongside Theo Nasa, Nakamo and S Ruston.

Over the course of an hour, GiGi invites us into her world as she brims with energy from behind the booth. Following a few soft touches of ambience in the opening minutes, she gets straight down to it utilising heavily percussive, subterranean and hypnotic selections. As we reach the midpoint she turns to a number of four to the floor deep techno works that are later met with closing passages of drum and bass. Tune in here.

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