Interstellar Funk mix for Crack Mag

The last sounds of the summer…

Despite the unfortunate effects of the lockdown 2020 has still ben a busy one for the Amsterdam based Interstellar Funk. Earlier this year we saw the release of his Rush Hour artist compilation ‘Artificial Dancers – Waves of Synth’ – too much acclaim. Now, in this mix for Crack Magazine, he reflects a little further on the monumental release as he pieces together some of its highlights alongside ‘many other favourites’.  

In both his productions and DJ sets, Interstellar Funk crafts a spacey, far-flung sound, as though taking listeners on a trip to the outer reaches of unexplored terrain.

Often, his sound takes the form of techno, electro and new wave. In this mix, aptly titled ‘Artificial Dancers – Waves of Synth’, we can expect to hear exactly that. Gorgeous synthwave music and sci-fi-esque backdrops, layered with hard-hitting drum patterns.”

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