Jordan GCZ Minimal Detroit podcast

This one landed in Resident Advisor's Mix Of The Day series!

Lock­down was tough for all of us and we all han­dled it in dif­fer­ent ways. Jor­dan GCZ spent his lock­down doing what he knows best.…conjuring up mighty son­ic spells in the stu­dio. His lat­est mix for Min­i­mal Detroit reflects on his cre­ative out­put dur­ing this peri­od where he could be found jam­ming via live stream reg­u­lar­ly across his social chan­nels. All the dai­ly streams I did paid off in a way” Jor­dan writes.

Over the course of 90 min­utes, the Juju & Jor­dash co-mem­ber paces through 100 per cent unre­leased orig­i­nals of his own with the inclu­sion of some col­labs with Move D and Ter­rence Dixon (along with a YouTu­ber read­ing William Gib­son’s Burn­ing Chrome). 13 works that lean into the realms of ambi­ent and exper­i­men­tal all made for you to zone TF out to”. Tune in below. 

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