Marco Shuttle at Polifonic

Back in action! 

Although we still live in times of real uncertainty, slowly but surely nightlife is making its way back around the globe. Early last month Marco Shuttle was able to get out and stretch his legs in the booth for the first time in months in his home country of Italy. This took place at at the Milan based festival Polifonic where the Eerie label boss was at the wheel of an immense sunrise closing set. 

Through his eclectic and cinematic techno, he creates different moods over the set delivering a pleasant cerebral trip. Waves of sound on meticulous grooves that shape a sublime journey that we are happy to share.”

Over the course of 160 minutes, we find Shuttle at full throttle. Juggling between deep, melodic and in your face sounds the Italian veteran reminds us why he one of the most sought out names in contemporary techno. 

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