Steve Bicknell - 27

KR3 Records re-issue 90s Bicknell 27 years on…

Steve Bicknell has been at the forefront of the UK’s ever-growing electronic music scene since its infancy. His career, spanning over 25+ years, has seen Steve grow from his early beginnings as a young promoter and resident DJ to one of the UK’s most established, accomplished and respected techno artists credited by many as a true pioneer. His reputation has truly stood the test of time, so much so newfound labels such as KR3 Records have centred their concept around Bicknell’s legacy.

Highly inspired by S. Bicknell’s sonorities and Japanese culture, our catalogue is made of repetitive and hypnotising music that invites you to let it loose and explore the limitless potential of our unconscious.”

In this release, the label reissues a seminal work from Bicknell’s back catalogue in the form of “Track 12”. Originally released in 1993 on his own imprint Cosmic Records, the techno masterpiece now gets three fresh interpretations by Jing, Metro Skim and Heartless alongside the original re-edit. 

Out on September 27th both in vinyl and digital format, 27 symbolises a meeting point between past, present and future of techno. The music is there to remind us that time is circular, nothing is still and everything evolves.”

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