GiGi FM Isolated Mix

The mix entitled 'Inner Mycelia Voyage' was made for LA Ambient / Electronic blog 'A Strangely Isolated Place'..

Inner Mycelia Voy­age is a rit­u­al for the full Hunter’s moon com­ing on Octo­ber 1st.

Since the begin­ning of time humankind has always tak­en com­mu­nal rit­u­als in danc­ing as the best attempt to tune into the under­ly­ing essence of the uni­verse, which was born out of sound and con­stant intense vibrat­ing atoms.

Mycelia or myceli­um lit­er­al­ly means more than one”. Myceli­um is one of the old­est liv­ing organ­isms and has helped shape life­forms on earth. It is the guardian of the earth, the under­ground inter­net net­work of moth­er nature, mak­ing sure nutri­ents are redis­trib­uted to all.

The Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries is the first of two Full Moons for the month with a Blue Moon at the month’s end. Hav­ing two Full Moons in the same month indi­cates a theme of clear­ing and purging.

The shad­ows are com­ing to the sur­face to be birthed into a new light.

Chan­nel­ing the ances­tral earth forces and hold­ing the light of hope is key.

We must remem­ber the wis­dom of the numerol­o­gy code of 2020 offered to us, like mycelia ~ Infi­nite poten­tial when we work togeth­er” — GiGi FM.

Track­list: 01. GiGi Fm ~ Live Intro Full Hunters Moon Rit­u­al 02. Susumu Yoko­ta ~ Spec­trum of Love 03. Azu Tiwa­line ft Cin­na Peyghamy ~ Vio­let Curves 04. Unknown Artist ~ For­got­ten Con­stel­la­tion 05. Black Mer­lin ~ Totek and Tim 06. Dino Saba­ti­ni ~ Prophe­cy 07. Trevor Mor­ris ~ Vikings Attack Paris Ntogns Boot­leg Ver­sion 08. Cassegrain ~ Hexa­gon Fif­teen 09. Eduar­do De La Calle ~ Forth­com­ing 10. VC-118A ~ Forth­com­ing 11. Dona­to Dozzy, Lerosa ~ Neon Snake 12. The Mar­tinez Broth­ers ~ Ibadan Tool 13T5UMUT5UMU ~ Arti­fi­cial Blos­soms 14. Wata Igarashi ~ Spir­its In The Rain 15. Unknown Artist ~ I Become Overwhelmed

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