GiGi FM Isolated Mix

The mix entitled ‘Inner Mycelia Voyage’ was made for LA Ambient / Electronic blog ‘A Strangely Isolated Place’..

Inner Mycelia Voyage is a ritual for the full Hunter’s moon coming on October 1st.

Since the beginning of time humankind has always taken communal rituals in dancing as the best attempt to tune into the underlying essence of the universe, which was born out of sound and constant intense vibrating atoms.

Mycelia or mycelium literally means “more than one”. Mycelium is one of the oldest living organisms and has helped shape lifeforms on earth. It is the guardian of the earth, the underground internet network of mother nature, making sure nutrients are redistributed to all.

The Full Hunter’s Moon in Aries is the first of two Full Moons for the month with a Blue Moon at the month’s end. Having two Full Moons in the same month indicates a theme of clearing and purging.

The shadows are coming to the surface to be birthed into a new light.

Channeling the ancestral earth forces and holding the light of hope is key.

We must remember the wisdom of the numerology code of 2020 offered to us, like mycelia ~ Infinite potential when we work together” - GiGi FM.

Tracklist: 01. GiGi Fm ~ Live Intro Full Hunters Moon Ritual 02. Susumu Yokota ~ Spectrum of Love 03. Azu Tiwaline ft Cinna Peyghamy ~ Violet Curves 04. Unknown Artist ~ Forgotten Constellation 05. Black Merlin ~ Totek and Tim 06. Dino Sabatini ~ Prophecy 07. Trevor Morris ~ Vikings Attack Paris Ntogns Bootleg Version 08. Cassegrain ~ Hexagon Fifteen 09. Eduardo De La Calle ~ Forthcoming 10. VC-118A ~ Forthcoming 11. Donato Dozzy, Lerosa ~ Neon Snake 12. The Martinez Brothers ~ Ibadan Tool 13. T5UMUT5UMU ~ Artificial Blossoms 14. Wata Igarashi ~ Spirits In The Rain 15. Unknown Artist ~ I Become Overwhelmed

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