Identified Patient Bleep Mix

Identified Patient’s Bleep mix is a journey into darkside psychedelia and netherworld electronics which tops 100 minutes in length.

The tracklisting is hugely varied in style - dark ambient, mutant junglism, caustic industrial experiments, leftfield techno and just about any other style with a confrontational, challenging aesthetic is roped into service by Identified Patient here. However, no matter which genre the producer/DJ is operating in at a given moment, the uniform feeling one gets from this mix is of dark energy. From the wandering drones and trip-hop lopes which kick things off to the frenetic rhythm work of the home straight, this mix remains as seductive as it is ominous.

When acoustic-based electro and industrial sounds come together, it gives a kind of musical tension and discomfort that I really like. In a way, I feel this mix is a reflection of that. The ending includes SSIEGE’s Blind track, taken from his Fading Summer album, to set the vision on a colder period ahead.” - Identified Patient

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