Identified Patient Bleep Mix

Iden­ti­fied Patients Bleep mix is a jour­ney into dark­side psy­che­delia and nether­world elec­tron­ics which tops 100 min­utes in length.

The track­list­ing is huge­ly var­ied in style — dark ambi­ent, mutant junglism, caus­tic indus­tri­al exper­i­ments, left­field tech­no and just about any oth­er style with a con­fronta­tion­al, chal­leng­ing aes­thet­ic is roped into ser­vice by Iden­ti­fied Patient here. How­ev­er, no mat­ter which genre the producer/​DJ is oper­at­ing in at a giv­en moment, the uni­form feel­ing one gets from this mix is of dark ener­gy. From the wan­der­ing drones and trip-hop lopes which kick things off to the fre­net­ic rhythm work of the home straight, this mix remains as seduc­tive as it is ominous.

When acoustic-based elec­tro and indus­tri­al sounds come togeth­er, it gives a kind of musi­cal ten­sion and dis­com­fort that I real­ly like. In a way, I feel this mix is a reflec­tion of that. The end­ing includes SSIEGE’s Blind track, tak­en from his Fad­ing Sum­mer album, to set the vision on a cold­er peri­od ahead.” — Iden­ti­fied Patient

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