Bambounou launches label with solo EP

Bambounou announces the launch of his new imprint ‘Bambe’ with a killer 4-track Ep.. 

Bambounou launches label with solo EP

Following on from a two-Ep stint with AD93 (fka WHITIES), Bambounou launches his own imprint Bambe with ‘Cascade’, a four-track EP made up of mesmerising rhythmic cuts. 

Bambe will be a home to passionate minds roaming freely in a world of eclectic backgrounds. Driven through the ever expanding horizons of creation and technology, by any artistic means possible.’

Follow up EPs have also been announced from GiGi FM and a collaboration between Bambounou and Hessel Audio’s Bruce. 

Cascade’ is out on the 15th March 2021.
Listen to / buy the release here.

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