Legowelt compilation on U-Trax

After a demo tape was lost in the mail over 20 years ago, Legow­elt hooks up with the renound Utrecht label to com­pile some of his favourite tracks.. 

So the sto­ry goes;

Wolfers and U‑TRAX label boss DJ White Delight first met each oth­er at the doorsteps of record store Rush Hour dur­ing A.D.E. 2018. Being a fan of Legow­elt, White Delight spoke to Wolfers for over an hour before dis­cov­er­ing he was the pro­duc­er Legow­elt. As a high school kid in the mid-90s, U‑TRAX were a vital label for Wolfers, and some of the first records he ever bought (at I.F.‘s leg­endary The Hague Hot­mix Record Store) were U‑TRAX releas­es. Legow­elt decid­ed to post his first demo tape to U‑TRAX, tak­ing huge inspi­ra­tion from ear­ly releas­es on the label. Due to a twist of fate, that tape end­ed up at some­one else’s mail­box, and U‑TRAX nev­er got to learn about Wolfers’ genius before going into a 21-year hiber­na­tion in 1997.

Fast for­ward to 2021 and Legow­elt and U‑TRAX final­ly join forces, with Wolfers pick­ing some of his all-time favourites from the U‑TRAX back cat­a­logue and Phoq U Phono­gram­men archives, in addi­tion to tak­ing a peek at future U‑TRAX releases. ‘’

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