Shifted announces new album

Shifted's 5th album 'Constant Blue Light' will drop via Avian in April 2021..

Shift­ed announced the news via Insta­gram, shar­ing the album art­work and track­list­ing. His fifth album to date, Con­stant Blue Light’ is out April 12th 2021 and avail­able now to pre-order via the Avian bandcamp!

Dur­ing the ear­ly stages of the pan­dem­ic I was slip­ping into real­ly neg­a­tive thought cycles, and find­ing it very hard to cope men­tal­ly,” Brew­er told Res­i­dent Advi­sor. I think the process of writ­ing this album and the nature of the mate­r­i­al was some­what cathar­tic and allowed me to step out­side of myself. I felt like I was let­ting these tracks car­ry me through the peri­od, and I’d loop them almost obses­sive­ly, shad­ing in angles and mak­ing small adjustments.“”

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