New Shifted album

Shifted offers the latest distillation of his trademark sound on 'Constant Blue Light', out now.. 

Fol­low­ing on from the recent release of The Dirt On Our Hands” — Guy Brewer’s fourth stu­dio album and the first to arrive on his own Avian imprint, Con­stant Blue Light” — anoth­er full length, explores new avenues in caus­tic minimalism.

Eschew­ing the boom­ing effer­ves­cence of his own more plo­sive dance floor mate­r­i­al — Shift­ed takes a no less nuanced, but decid­ed­ly more intro­spec­tive angle on this new LP. At the cen­tre of Brewer’s prac­tice as an artist, there has always been a sense of ded­i­ca­tion to the refine­ment of a sin­gu­lar idea. In some ways Con­stant Blue Light” rep­re­sents a move clos­er to the apex of this approach.

Open­er Slow­ly Count­ing Back­wards” cre­ates the frame­work for the record — reduced and med­i­ta­tive, owing some­what to pre­vi­ous work, but still crisper and more pre­cise. Nat­ur­al Ele­va­tion” riffs on airy patch­es that hiss and bend while The Weight of It” trans­mits an unset­tling hys­te­ria with flang­ing leads and unteth­ered rhyth­mic com­po­nents. On the B side, the omi­nous dirge of Soft Palate” brings a kind of uncan­ny ener­gy to pro­ceed­ings before Into Your Ocean” utilis­es exquis­ite FM tones to cre­ate a cap­ti­vat­ing son­ic mon­tage. Sev­er­al Instances” hinges on dense low end and scat­ter­ing white noise, before giv­ing way to the machi­na­tions of Clot­ting Time”. Clos­ing piece This I Know” offers a stun­ning, crys­talline fin­ish to the LP — upping the ante in its final min­utes before giv­ing way to a hiss of delay trails.

A con­tin­ued explo­ration from a focused and dili­gent artist that pro­vides yet anoth­er ful­ly formed and beau­ti­ful­ly artic­u­lat­ed com­po­nent to his own discog­ra­phy and that of the Avian label. 

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