Luke Slater collaborative EP on A-TON

The Ostgut Ton sub-label will release the EP which features collaborations with Anthony Child (AKA Surgeon), Speedy J, KMRU, Lady Starlight and Tom Moth, the harpist in Florence + The Machine..

Pre-order the release here.

DIA­LOGUE was con­ceived as a series of musi­cal let­ters writ­ten back and forth between Luke Slater, Antho­ny Child (aka Sur­geon), KMRU, Lady Starlight, Speedy J and harpist Tom Moth (of Flo­rence + the Machine) at the height of the pan­dem­ic between 2020 and ear­ly 2021. Using the com­mon lan­guage of rhyth­mic ambi­ent elec­tron­ics, each DIA­LOGUE fea­tures three actors in a son­ic con­ver­sa­tion of long­form impro­vi­sa­tion between 15 and 25 min­utes in length, with Luke Slater the com­mon denominator.

The results are a brood­ing, psy­che­del­ic exchange of melody, tex­ture, bass, oscil­la­tion, key changes and vol­ume swells, which organ­i­cal­ly merge into com­plete com­po­si­tions. It’s music that both reflects and tran­scends the artists’ com­mon real­i­ty of iso­la­tion – a med­i­ta­tive, con­scious­ness-expand­ing con­ver­sion of musi­cal ideas born from neces­si­ty. Cos­mic but not escapist. And very much of its time.

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