DJ Nobu's BITTA label Carhartt WIP feature and mix

Nobu’s label BITTA goes under the microscope for Carhartt’s WIP and comes with a one-hour mix made up entirely of BITTA label releases.. 

Next up on Carhartt WIP Radio is DJ and producer DJ NObu. For almost two decades, he plays a pivotal role in the development of Japan’s electronic music scene, constantly pushing the limits of techno in his DJ sets and at his long-standing party serial “Future Terror”.

Since 2001, he has also released an array of music, comprising ambient, abstract industrial, house, and techno on imprints such as Rush Hour’s sub-label No ‘Label’, Kobe-based Grasswaxx Recordings, and his very own label, Bitta, launched in 2012.

For Carhartt WIP Radio, DJ Nobu prepared a Bitta mix that is both “unique and psychedelic” in order to give the listeners the full flavor of his very special mind-expanding techno craftsmanship. As ever, we also sat down with this month’s host, to chat about the first records he bought, his ongoing “Future Terror” party series, and his favorite spots in his hometown Chiba. Check the interview here.

Track list:

1 DJ Nobu - An Expance (Bitta digital 001) 
2 Daisuke Uchimura - Egg + Umbrella (Marco Shuttle Remix) (Bitta 005)
3 Ko-ta - Shiya(Don’t DJ Remix) (forthcoming Bitta 010)
4 Ko-ta - Shiza (Bitta 010)
5 Black Merlin - MOD IK (Bitta 008)
6 Black Merlin - PK 9 (Bitta 008)
7 DJ Nobu - Entering (Bitta 009)
8 DJ Nobu - Resemblance (Bitta 009)
9 DJ Nobu - Fickle Sun (Bitta digital 001)
10 DJ Nobu - Desire (Bitta 009)
11 Ko-ta - Shiza(DJ Nobu Remix) (forthcoming Bitta 010)
12 DJ Nobu - Fade (Bitta 009)

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