Marco Shuttle Rhythm Büro Podcast

The mix was included in Pitchfork’s ‘7 best DJ mixes of August 2021’..

Eastern Europe likes its dance music fast, and in his closing set at Kyiv’s Natura festival in August, Italian-born, Berlin-based DJ Marco Shuttle came prepared. Over the second half of a four-hour set—recorded at the tail-end of a 24-hour party held at a secret forest location 30 minutes outside the city—the tempo stays between 140 and 150 BPM, taking in heart-racing techno, glistening acid, old-school hardcore, and other styles that throw sparks as they scrape against the guardrails. Despite the elevated energy levels, Shuttle rarely bludgeons listeners over the head: His richly textured breaks throw off powdery plumes, and he frequently gravitates toward tracks with a thick, velvety melodic midrange. Those listening closely enough will catch some real gems sprinkled throughout, like an obscure cut from Aphex Twin’s Bradley’s Robot EP or a mind-bending fusion of psychedelic drums and jazz trumpet from a 1996 EP by experimental musician David Shea. Best of all is the way Shuttle’s frequent rhythmic and stylistic shifts keep the flow of the set dynamic: For all its white-knuckle intensity, there are plenty of chances to catch your breath and take in the grandeur of the panorama he lays out.

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