Young Marco releases new compilation

Young Mar­co has released the sec­ond vol­ume in the Plan­et Love’ com­pi­la­tion series on his Safe Trip label. 

Plan­et Love Vol. 2: Ear­ly Trans­mis­sions 1990 – 95’ gath­ers 12 more ear­ly and pro­to-trance tracks from across Europe and the US. Fea­tur­ing UK group, The Obses­sion Project, Italy’s Alien Sig­nal and Ger­man pro­duc­er, Tobias Bel­der­mann as Red­eye. The LP is out as of April 25th 2022. The com­pi­la­tion focus­es on the peri­od pri­or to trance becom­ing a rigid­ly defined genre. Accord­ing to the label, the term was first used to describe tracks that com­bined ele­ments of tech­no, ambi­ent, break­beat, pro­gres­sive house and oth­er styles. These tracks were typ­i­cal­ly heavy on melody, atmos­phere and psy­che­del­ic intent.” 

The com­pi­la­tion is avail­able to order via Band­camp, link below.

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