Tascam Space Season from Legowelt and Taka Noda

A spe­cial deliv­ery from Nightwind Records by way of Tokyo and The Hague.

Last year in Decem­ber, Legow­elt and the dig­i­tal dub leg­end, Taka Noda aka Mys­ti­ca Tribe were brew­ing a Far East style heavy dig­i­tal dub album. 

Cus­tom made lo-fi ooz­ing echo effects trans­form syn­the­siz­ers and drum machines into a com­fort­ing mist of arcane sludge, laced with Taka Noda’s enchant­i­ng melod­i­ca playing.”

The fruits of their labour are avail­able since 30th June on dig­i­tal down­load via Bandcamp. 

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