Mike Parker remixes Presha

Mike Park­er reveals his all-new, half­time sound for his remix of Main­line” on Pre­sha’s final RATS: INFEST EP.

Fol­low­ing two half­time EPs for Dona­to Dozzy & Neels Spazio Disponi­bile label, Mike Park­er brings his all-hard­ware set-up to reimag­ine Pre­sha’s track, Main­line”. Since the 1990s, he has record­ed live music using this ana­logue set-up. The recal­i­bra­tion to half­time is a new approach to his char­ac­ter­isic sound, and this remix is slight­ly more quirky, less dense,” than what we expect from him. A new EP is also incom­ing on Samu­rai, so stay tuned.

Avail­able now on Band­camp via dig­i­tal down­load or vinyl.

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