New I-F EP: The Fetish Death

Attention: I-F is back. Experience The Fetish Death now.

Choose how you live and choose how you die… I‑F choos­es the Fetish Death!”

Released on his own label, Viewlexx, The Fetish Death is the first release from I‑F since 2016. After begin­ning with the omi­nous Executrix,” the ten­sion builds as we reach the ever-evolv­ing Diana’s Lab.” Flip to the b‑side and we begin with the apt­ly named, Erot­ic Bon­go,” before descend­ing into relent­less clos­er, Clam­my Cellar.” 

All in all, this is not one to miss. The Fetish Death is avail­able for dig­i­tal down­load now.

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