Vân Anh | Reclaim Your City

Vân Anh debuts on Reclaim Your City.

Defin­ing her per­son­al nîche with­in the con­stant­ly evolv­ing tech­no sphere, Ams­ter­dam-based DJ, Vân Anh deliv­ers a debut mix for Reclaim Your City. The Rot­ter­dam-Berlin based out­let show­cas­ing under­ground artists doing their thing. 

With her first trans­mis­sion, the diver­si­ty of her selec­tions knows no bounds yet her tech­nique remains impec­ca­ble and her build-ups groovy. 

Cut­ting edge yet soul­ful, implaca­ble but dead­eye funky, here’s the Vân Anh para­dox in all its unbri­dled­ly pow­er­ful, all-around mes­meris­ing glo­ry.” — Reclaim Your City.

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