Legowelt remixes Cuften

Legow­elt appears on the Ani­mal Sui­cide EP, launch­ing in Paris this com­ing January.

Since 2017, Cuften has been mak­ing waves in France with his com­plete­ly ana­log, uncom­mon sound pro­file. Tak­ing inspi­ra­tion from IDM, elec­tro and tech­no — his sound recalls its pre­cur­sors like DMX Krew, I‑F or Legow­elt.

Cuften makes his arrival on Astrop­o­lis Records with Ani­mal Sui­cide, a 5‑track EP on vinyl includ­ing a remix of the title track by Dutch pio­neer, Legow­elt .

Legow­elt, synth-mas­ter and under­ground elec­tro hero, who has always been a great source of inspi­ra­tion for Cuften. As it kicks off, his reimag­in­ing of Ani­mal Sui­cide,” is cap­ti­vat­ing. With a raw bassline and an acid melody, the remix packs a punch with­out neglect­ing an emo­tive quality.


1) Ani­mal Sui­cide
2) No More Sun­day Regrets
3) Unibios
4) Heart Par­ti­cles
5) Ani­mal Sui­cide (Legow­elt Remix)
Dig­i­tal bonus: No More Sun­day Regrets (Cate Hortl Remix)

Get Ani­mal Sui­cide here.

The EP will launch 28 Jan­u­ary 2023 at Petit Bain, Paris. Legow­elt will per­form live at the event, along­side of course Cuften. Cate Hortl and To Van Kao will per­form DJ sets.

Legowelt remixes Cuften

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