Identified Patient launches Nerve Collect

Nerve Col­lect is a new label co-found­ed by Iden­ti­fied Patient and Gam­ma Intel.

Iden­ti­fied Patient has an off-the-hook approach that’s seen him spend the last six years col­lid­ing tech­no, acid, breaks, jun­gle and dub into futur­ist sound worlds full of irre­sistible dis­com­fort. With all that expe­ri­ence of play­ing Europe’s most open-mind­ed dance floors, he is now tru­ly dialled into what works for him. He is mak­ing deep­er-than-ever con­nec­tions between what he hears in his head, what he plays, and what he makes. 

Now speak­ing clear­ly through his machines, Nerve Col­lect marks the start of an all-new con­ver­sa­tion based around dark ener­gy, para­noid ten­sion and oth­er­world­ly seduction.

To be released in Jan­u­ary 2023, the label’s debut release is Iden­ti­fied Patients Ele­va­tor Music for Head­bangers EP and it comes dig­i­tal­ly with two bonus cuts, or as a six-track 12″. 

Pre-order of the full EP and snip­pets avail­able below.

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