GiGi FM on NTS with Wac Lounge

GiGi FM invites Japanese artist, Wac Lounge to her regular NTS show.

On her month­ly NTS show, Gigi weaves togeth­er music and the cos­mos. This time she marks the full moon in Can­cer with a read­ing at the begin­ning of the show before being joined by Wac Lounge. 

Wac Lounge (Hidea­ki Waku) is a Japan­ese sound artist based in Yoko­hama. He cre­ates organ­ic mood music,” influ­enced by the ele­ments. For his appear­ance on Gigi’s show, he chan­neled water through a mix of recent­ly com­posed pieces, selec­tions from his albums, record­ings of rivers and oceans from his trav­els and the live sound of the rain at the time of the record­ing.

Per­fect­ly melan­cholic Jan­u­ary listening. 

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