Identified Patient releases "Ele­va­tor Music for Head­bangers" EP

The debut release on his own Nerve Col­lect imprint is here. 

Nerve Col­lect is a new label co-found­ed by Dutch col­lab­o­ra­tors Iden­ti­fied Patient and Gam­ma Intel. On 20th Jan­u­ary 2023, Iden­ti­fied Patient dropped the debut release, his Ele­va­tor Music for Head­bangers EP and it comes dig­i­tal­ly with two bonus cuts, or as a six-track 12″. Avail­able on all plat­forms includ­ing Band­camp.

The inau­gur­al EP fea­tures mate­r­i­al cre­at­ed between 2019 and 2022, cat­a­pult­ing you deep into the netherworld. 

At once dystopi­an yet invit­ing: the release offers hefty bass and twitchy acid that makes your heart pound and hips move. Right from the out­set, Walk With Me’ brings the heat by com­bin­ing cav­ernous, boom­ing kicks with bright flash­es of acid. You Are the Loop’ is an AI hal­lu­ci­na­tion with man­gled synths, while The Fun Nev­er Stops’ is psy­ched-out mutant jungle.

The B‑side is unre­lent­ing with the dark and pres­surised ener­gy of Dead Demo’ and screw-face swag­ger of The Dev­il is Blue’, arriv­ing at the final cut Sec­ond-Hand Nos­tal­gia’ — an indus­tri­al take on trip-hop. The bonus cuts spin out yet fur­ther into inter­galac­tic elec­tro-tech­no war­fare and con­trolled rhyth­mic chaos.

The mind-melt­ing son­ics of this first release proves Nerve Col­lect is here to do things differently. 

More to come from Iden­ti­fied Patient lat­er this year.

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