Whispers of an Ancient World II

Smack­os AKA Legow­elt fea­tures on Whis­pers of an Ancient World II.

Anoth­er of Dan­ny Wolfers’ alias­es, as he becomes Smack­os on this col­lab­o­ra­tive LP with Davar. This is the sec­ond instal­ment of a pro­posed ten vol­umes of Whis­pers Of An Ancient World, a series released by the inde­pen­dent Span­ish Vinyl Record Label, Mys­tic & Quan­tum Records.

Davar heads up the A‑side with four deeply atmos­pher­ic pieces of ana­logue ambi­ent fuzz and cos­mic imagery. Turn­ing to the B‑side, Smack­os shines with a more mys­tic, ambi­ent sound and plen­ty of his mind-melt­ing synth pat­terns that will sub­merge you deep into an inter­plan­e­tary world.

Set to release on vinyl April 1st 2023, pre-order here. Dig­i­tal album avail­able on Band­camp.

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