Carrier: Lazy Mechanics on The Trilogy Tapes

Guy Brew­er has released a new album under the name Car­ri­er.

Con­tain­ing sev­en tracks, Lazy Mechan­ics came out via The Tril­o­gy Tapes. In his own words, the music sits between IDM, tech­no, drum & bass and experimental.

I guess it’s an effort to step away from purism,” Brew­er told Res­i­dent Advi­sor. Right now the thresh­olds between gen­res are where you find the most excit­ing music. When any­thing becomes too inward look­ing it los­es its spark. So it’s been refresh­ing to step into the stu­dio with this mind­set and push myself out of my com­fort zone.”


01. Chlo­rine

02. Lazy Mechanics

03. Harsh Features

04. Prod­uct Of Environment 

05. Lost On Me 

06. Ten By Ten 

07. Big­ger Skies

Lis­ten to the new album.

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