Neel: Mirabilis EP

Neel joins forces with PRG/M for an EP on Cam­era Magmatica.

Set to release 21st March, Cam­era Mag­mat­i­ca announce their lat­est out­put by teas­ing one the one of the main tracks, Pri­apo,” lis­ten below. 

Mirabilis is the lat­est in the Napoli Arcana vinyl series on the Cam­era Mag­mat­i­ca label. Dis­cussing the con­text of the release as well as how the atmos­pher­ic tracks came to be, Neel and PRGM chat­ted with MNMT mag­a­zine to dis­cuss their release. Find out more in the whole inter­view.

The 7 track EP is avail­able for dig­i­tal and vinyl pur­chase via Band­camp.

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