Parrish Smith: RA Mix

Parrish Smith gives a masterclass in punk electronics for his Resident Advisor mix.

The Dutch-Suri­namese artist, has become well known for his fusion of punk, met­al and tech­no. A dif­fi­cult blend to pull off, but he does so with fly­ing colours. 

In between fill­ing dance-floors big and small, he has been work­ing on many projects behind the scene. Part­ner­ing with Tropen­mu­se­um and Het Beeld & Gelu­id Insti­tu­ut Nether­lands, he will make a lim­it­ed edi­tion album inspired by his roots with unheard, sound ethnog­ra­phy archive mate­r­i­al from Suri­name, Chi­na and India. As one of few artists work­ing in such an exper­i­men­tal niche from a post-colo­nial back­ground, he is already col­lab­o­rat­ing with oth­er Dutch-Suri­namese artists such as Natas­ja Kens­mil and Orpheu The Wizard.

After releas­ing his debut album in 2022 on Dek­man­tel, Light, Cru­el & Vain, he has been work­ing on a live show with his band that will debut at Dek­man­tel Fes­ti­val 2023.

Read more about his ongo­ing projects in the full RA write-up here.

Mean­while, lis­ten to his mix below, a tru­ly eclec­tic blend fea­tur­ing Reg­is, Tzus­ing and Play­boi Car­ti with Sepul­tura, Juno Reac­tor and Celld­weller record­ed at Strand­edFM, Utrecht.

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