Peter Van Hoesen: A Swing Is Not A Throw

Peter Van Hoe­sen releas­es his lat­est EP, A Swing Is Not A Throw.

A Swing Is Not A Throw, released on Time To Express, is Peter Van Hoe­sens lat­est EP. The five track release is the indi­rect result of his deci­sion in 2022 to ful­ly focus on live shows.

This shift allowed him to cre­ate hours of new mate­r­i­al, which he lat­er refined and shaped into mod­u­lar build­ing blocks. These musi­cal com­po­nents were designed to be com­bined in var­i­ous ways, allow­ing for real-time exper­i­men­ta­tion dur­ing his shows. Fol­low­ing his shows, he began the process of analy­sis. Where­upon he would take notes on suc­cess­es and decide how to enhance the over­all sound. 

What we know now as A Swing Is Not A Throw is the result of six months of live mate­r­i­al, trans­formed into com­plete tracks. Two years on from his last EP, Echoes From West­brook Bay, A Swing Is Not A Throw is a state­ment on Peter Van Hoe­sens exper­i­men­tal nature and flu­en­cy for intri­cate soundscapes.

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