Ron Morelli: Heart Stopper

L.I.E.S. Records founder, Ron Morelli, goes back to his house music roots and makes a rare appearance on his own label, with his eagerly anticipated double LP, Heart Stopper (LIES-200).

Harken­ing to the ear­ly begin­nings of his label, Heart Stop­per is a con­tem­po­rary rework­ing of the foun­da­tion­al sounds of orig­i­nal Chica­go, New York and Detroit house music and draws upon the work that artists like Morel­li, Del­roy Edwards, Steve Sum­mers, and Traxx did dur­ing the label’s for­ma­tive years, pro­vid­ing a fresh take on the genre at that time.

In the ever-shapeshift­ing world of con­tem­po­rary elec­tron­ic music, Heart Stop­per strikes at the emo­tion­al cen­ter of the genre, which is often over­looked. This is raw, heart­felt and unfil­tered club music. At times, uplift­ing, at oth­ers, pen­sive; with jackin’ drum pro­gram­ming, big basslines, and anthemic synths dri­ving the release throughout.

These 11 tracks are clear­ly Morelli’s defin­i­tive state­ment on dance music: Heart Stop­per rep­re­sents what came before and what is yet to come. A care­ful­ly craft­ed work that firm­ly places the L.I.E.S. sig­na­ture on the past, present and future of the genre.

Heart Stop­per released April 28th on L.I.E.S. Records and marks the 200th release on the influ­en­tial New York label. Order here.

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