GiGi FM: Live at Fuse Brussels

GiGi FM takes part in the REC podcast series from Fuse, Brussels.

Bru­tal and soft at the same time, GiGi FM puts in motion a del­i­cate set­ting where prim­i­tive ener­gy col­lides with a myr­i­ad of sen­so­r­i­al tex­tures. It’s ele­gant. It’s cal­i­brat­ed. In short, it’s good.

GiGi FM: Live at Fuse Brussels

Fol­low­ing an awe-inspir­ing appear­ance at Fuse, GiGi FM is the lat­est guest in their REC pod­cast series.

The REC series fea­tures out­stand­ing live elec­tron­ic music per­for­mances from the Brus­sels club.

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