SØS Gunver Ryberg: Out of the Shadows

SØS Gunver Ryberg premieres a music video from her latest album, SPINE, watch it now.

Out of the Shad­ows is about the poten­tial to feel ener­gised and empow­ered to act in order to address the chal­lenges we face in our lives,”

SØS Gunver Ryberg: Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shad­ows is the title of SØS Gun­ver Ryberg’s music video. The col­lab­o­ra­tive film with 3D artist, Patrick Defas­ten fea­tures a track from her recent­ly released album, SPINE.

SPINE is the inau­gur­al release on her own label, Arte­r­i­al Record­ings, act­ing as a artis­tic mis­sion state­ment.

Out of the Shad­ows fur­ther explores the themes of her album, a vir­tu­al, cyber­net­ic space of organ­ic, gen­er­a­tive design in con­stant move­ment, rotat­ing and spin­ning, with a sat­u­rat­ed spec­trum of colours dri­ven by SØS Gun­ver Ryberg’s ener­getic music,” in the words of Defasten.

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