Steve Bicknell: Reclaim Your City 554

2-hours of pure dancefloor by Steve Bicknell can be listened now in Reclaim Your city 554.

From break­ing through in the ear­ly 90s right when things were still done wild, helm­ing the leg­endary Lost club nights from 1992 onward, onto becom­ing a pio­neer­ing fig­ure of the UK’s under­ground, it’s safe to say Steve Bick­nell ticks all the box­es of a self-made myth in the scene. 

Tire­less­ly push­ing the bound­aries of tech­no as we know it, the British don has been carv­ing out his name in gold let­ters amongst the pan­theon of DJs capa­ble to evolve and tran­scend both them­selves and their audi­ence through the cathar­tic pow­er of music. 

Always a step ahead, Bick­nell treats us to two hours of res­olute­ly immer­sive and aching­ly pow­er­ful soul-search, seam­less­ly criss­cross­ing our brains with his top-of-the-range anti-bull­shit tech­no med­i­cine. Posol­o­gy? Repeat lis­tens until com­plete recovery.

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