GiGi FM: launch of Sea~rène Records

GiGi FM announces her brand-new record label, offering “Kiwi Synthesis Diary Vol. 2” to mark the debut.

Sea~rène takes aim at dream­like and ethe­re­al elec­tron­ic music to recon­nect the sub­con­scious and the cos­mos through immer­sive storytelling.

The French/​Italian artist takes her pro­duc­tions fur­ther with this first release of her imprint. A con­tin­u­a­tion of her first self-released project, Kiwi Syn­the­sis Diary 21k,” in 2021, GiGi FM cel­e­brates the exchange between her, as the own­er of the jour­nal, and its read­er through euphor­ic sound­scapes and vibrant psy­che­delia. Tak­ing a step back from lock­down intro­spec­tions, blurred lines between dream and real­i­ty like ambi­ent and drony atmos­pheres, GiGi gives us a bent club record full of col­ors and life.

The full EP Kiwi Syn­the­sis Diary Vol.2will be out on vinyl and dig­i­tal on Decem­ber 1st 2023. Check out the first track, Amadamushies.

We are Sea~rène, swim­ming in between super­nat­ur­al tides, for­ev­er fol­low­ing the emo­tion­al waves of the universe.

GiGi FM: launch of Sea~rène Records

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