Sassy J: pre-order of "A Sanctuary" started

Pre-order of Sassy J's latest mix has started.

96-minute mix of all unre­leased music by 21 con­tem­po­rary artists. Fea­tur­ing Moli­naro, Car­los Niño & Friends, K15, Greg Beato, Legow­elt, Afrikan Sci­ences, Hiero­glyph­ic Being, Julion De’Angelo, 2000Black and many more.

A jour­ney through sounds, spheres, moods and dynam­ics ded­i­cat­ed to the uni­ty and empow­er­ment of inde­pen­dent artists.

Love this sound’ is where we find com­fort in our favourite songs. Yet so much more can be enjoyed once one takes the jour­ney of music explo­ration. This is some­thing that does not come nat­ur­al to most, but for­tu­nate­ly, Sassy J puts in the long hours to curate many musi­cal trips. Expe­di­tions in the bound­less world son­i­cal­ly con­nect­ed by years of music evo­lu­tion, or the imme­di­ate arrival as though linked by son­ic worm­holes.

A lust for musi­cal growth fuels Sassy’s quest for the iden­ti­cal but oppo­site, sim­i­lar yet con­trast­ing, ener­gised and chilled sound that all fit per­fect­ly togeth­er.

Sassy J’s eclec­tic selec­tion taps into the sub­con­scious emo­tions music can reach. Is it meant to guide, pro­voke thought, bring hap­pi­ness or pon­der on mis­for­tune. What­ev­er it does it all hap­pens here at Patch­work. The pop­u­lar echo cham­ber preach­es to its own choir, whilst free­dom of sound forces one to ques­tion if they will ever real­ly know all what music can pos­si­bly be.

Order the tape via Rush hour or Sassy J’s band­camp.

releas­es Novem­ber 23, 2023. No dig­i­tal strict­ly phys­i­cal!

Com­piled, mixed & art­work by Sassy J

Mas­ter­ing — Matt Lord
Lay­out — Didi­er Stud­er
Dis­tri­b­u­tion — Rush Hour
Label: Patch­work

Sassy J:  pre-order of "A Sanctuary" started
Sassy J:  pre-order of "A Sanctuary" started
Sassy J:  pre-order of "A Sanctuary" started

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