NVST: selfjustice (gotyah edition)

Lis­ten to this dub­step tech­no track by NVST.

Self­jus­tice (gotyah edi­tion)” is the most bass-ori­ent­ed track on the new com­pi­la­tion from Paris label FÆRIES RECORDS, which aims to explore themes of men­tal health through the lens of gab­ber, hard­core tech­no and electronica. 

A raw and glitchy pro­duc­tion from NVST, this one lives inside a dis­tort­ed field of chat­ter­ing birds and buzzing nois­es built in the style of dub­step. A voiceover says, It’s not nec­es­sar­i­ly bad if it isn’t harm­ing the peo­ple around you. Real­i­ty is what you make of it” — mean­ing one is at peace in their own mind, when far from society’s judgement.

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