GiGi FM: 2024 - Karmic destiny NTS radio

GiGi is back with her first NTS radio show of the new year.

Dive into the year of 2024, by lis­ten­ing to Karmic Des­tiny, an hour of ground­ing and sooth­ing energies. 

As explained by GiGi her­self, 2024 is a num­ber 8 year in numerol­o­gy. Num­ber 8 rep­re­sents strength, pow­er, and deter­mi­na­tion. The num­ber 8 is also deeply spir­i­tu­al, rep­re­sent­ing the Uni­ver­sal law of as above, so below. It is also said to rep­re­sent our karmic destiny.

Enjoy the sound!


GIGI FM — Unreleased

Req — Bell Ambient

Van­ge­lis — Le Sin­gle Bleu

Box 5ive — Duty Free

Cleyra — Cross my Mind 3.2

Tan­ger­ine Dream — Love on a real train

Purl — Bor­tom Molnen

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