Il Quadro di Troisi: La Terra

After La ver­ità comes La ter­ra. The sin­gle is the sec­ond pre­view of La Com­me­dia, the sec­ond album by Il Quadro di Troisi, which will be released on 29 March by 42 Records and Raster Media and is avail­able for pre-order.

Just like La ver­ità (The Truth), La ter­ra (The Earth) is a song about the con­tem­po­rary, but in a rela­tion­al context.

Like a jour­ney through time, the music of Il Quadro di Troisi alter­nates the sounds of the present with a proud­ly cita­tion­ist aes­thet­ic. The Ital­ian San­re­mo’ song from the 1980s opposed to the elec­tron­ic music that is danced to in Berlin clubs: a meeting/​clash from which a unique and at the same time inim­itable har­mo­ny is born.

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