Aurora Halal & Legowelt: pre-order of xoxo [BAKK020]

This con­clud­ing release by BAKK con­tains a selec­tion of the many artists that took part on their label — among which Auro­ra Halal and Legow­elt — from the first demo until the last drop of ink print­ed: 11 years, 11 tracks. Pre-order now available. 


A1 Legow­elt — Bos Ocht­end Mist

A2 Auro­ra Halal — Spiral

B1 Anten­na — Break Flute

B2 SFV Acid — UrbanFury128

C1 M.S.L. — Hydrolic

C2 RAFF — Radiant

D1 Tala Drum Corps — Gargoyle

D2 GEN‑Y — SkyStalker

E1 Ocean­ic — Dala

E2 Don’t DJ — nos(e)care

F1 Haron — De Papaverparade

Release on 25 March 2024

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