NVST: Esoteric Riots w/Yokin 21042024

Take a ride with NVST & Yokin along cyber landscapes seeking rituals through a collage of psychedelic dub and punk-infused music.


Corell — Beneat the levels

Ama­teur Hour — Buried Alive

Her­maneia & Zaumne — In the soil 

Philipp Otter­bach — Dark side of the Mon

Dalo — Rust

Car­cass Iden­ti­ty — Reflex­ion Ocean

Tele­dug­no­sis — Sonic

The phoro­moans — (I’m a) paper towel

Fetish 96 — Tumor Dub

Lush — Under­tow (Spooky remix)

Sounds from the ground — Sev­en Sisters

Rub­ber Bul­let feat. Har­mo­ny one — One

Echo Park ‘- Razor Kiss

Fles­ta en el vacio — Met­tez-moi au travail

Uvways — Op1 

Nova Mate­ria — Bell Phantom

Guadal Tejaz — Yolia (Theo Muller Sup­pa Fuzz Mix)

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