Carrier: In Spectra

Fol­low­ing a metic­u­lous mix­tape that staked his for­ma­tive D&B inspi­ra­tions for Berceuse Hero­ique, Car­ri­er dou­bles the tal­ly on his own label with the new release.

Boomkat Review:

Bind­ing skele­tal drums in retic­u­lat­ed poly­met­rics, he comes ever clos­er to an ide­al of for­ward-fac­ing break­beat purism that has arguably been lost-in-trans­la­tion with suc­ces­sive waves of club music engi­neers who seem to so often under­es­ti­mate, or maybe just mis­un­der­stand, how the body relates to the dance. 

The techg­nos­tic spir­it of the best Detroit tech­no and Chica­go foot­work, UK D&B, and Berlin Tech­no flick­ers incan­des­cent on all three counts with­in a fine­ly chis­elled form of step­pers dub. Based in a float­ing stu­dio room in Antwerp, we can’t help but com­pare Guy Brewer’s process of whit­tling away struc­tures to reveal their facets with the city’s famed dia­mond cut­ters, per­fect­ing their craft in secre­tive ate­liers to pro­duce the kind of bare-boned dev­as­ta­tion that just seems to elude most­ly any­one try­ing their luck at this sound over the last two decades.

After years play­ing to the crowd and pro­duc­ing heavy tech­no gird­ers as Shift­ed and under oth­er alias­es, with Car­ri­er he real­ly, final­ly seems to get inside his art­form and imag­i­na­tion in a way that adds some sub­stance to the con­ver­sa­tion, chas­ing a drag­on of fas­ci­na­tion from the poly­met­ric rip-cur­rents of sub­bass and drum per­fec­tion in Coastal’, to the height­ened pro­pri­o­cep­tions of Wood Over Plas­tic’, fin­ish­ing off with obses­sive lev­els of detail in the sub­aquat­ic chi­canery on Locus’.

Tracks for In Spectra:

1. Coastal

2. Wood Over Plastic

3. Locus

12” vinyl live now on Boomkat.

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