KI/KI: 5 Mins of Acid (Slash010)

KIKI newest track, 5 Mins of Acid from her forth­com­ing release on Slash, is set to release. Pre-order & pre-save so you won’t miss it. 

Step­ping to the fore­front with her com­mand­ing acid tech­no sound, KI/KI hands out two tick­ets to late-night may­hem. From the pul­sat­ing bass, dreamy pads and feisty acid chunks in 5 Min­utes Of ACID’ — a nod to her live con­cept and a sta­ple in her recent sets — to the cease­less pound­ing of Don’t Stop’, slash010’ will be the main cause of roar­ing crowds for the months to come.

The first track, 5 Mins of Acid will be released on 31st of May, full EP 

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