Welcome Ayesha!

We, here­by, heart­ly wel­come Ayesha to the Octo-fam­i­ly. Get in touch with Rene for any book­ing or inquiries!

Ayesha is a key play­er in NYC’s dance music scene and beloved res­i­dent at Nowa­days. Her sound spans a broad spec­trum, from per­cus­sion-based tech­no to trip­py, syn­co­pat­ed rhythms, blend­ing ele­ments of North America’s tech­no under­ground with left­field UK sounds and influ­ences from her Indi­an heritage. 

Ayeshas DJ sets are a menage of styles, reflect­ing her play­ful curios­i­ty as a pro­duc­er and years spent in DC’s club and ware­house par­ty scene. The result is heady, max­i­mal body music tai­lored to the dancefloor.

Her tracks are delib­er­ate con­sid­er­a­tion for how bod­ies move — and how music moves bod­ies. Her music, hyp­not­ic, pul­sat­ing, and pow­er­ful, is as at home at a deep for­est fes­ti­val as it is at a sweaty base­ment or dark night­club, made with metic­u­lous sound design, spongy tex­tures, and alien melodies.

Wel­come Ayesha!

For any book­ing request or inquiry, please refer to Ayeshas agent, Rene Tar­tan.

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