Carrier: In Spectra - RA review

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Guy Brew­er’s drum & bass-inspired project hits new heights.

Car­ri­er is some­thing of a back-to-basics project for Guy Brew­er — for­mer­ly known as Shift­ed — but in this case, the basics are decep­tive­ly com­plex. In return­ing to the music of his child­hood (as heard on the mag­nif­i­cent mix Pre-Mil­len­ni­um Witch­craft) with the knowl­edge of decades of drum & bass and tech­no, Brew­er has hit on some­thing that that feels like redis­cov­ered arcane knowledge.

Tap­ping into the well of dub­by mag­ic that once defined the work of artists like Mono­lake and T++, and the drum & bass jiu­jit­su of ear­ly Photek, the Car­ri­er EPs are stripped-down and dead­ly, colos­sal in spite of their pre­ci­sion. Each release has come clos­er to shed­ding the gran­u­lar tech­no tex­tures of Shift­ed, and this sec­ond EP on the self-titled Car­ri­er label is the best yet.

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