De School: Het Archief

Months after De School closed down its doors for the last time, it just unlocked to the pub­lic its very own Dig­i­tal Audio archive, fea­tur­ing sets span­ning over the last 8 years of its existence.

Het Archief trans­lates eight years of club his­to­ry into an expan­sive sound archive. Eight years of record­ings are indexed, escape the walls, and final­ly see the light of day. Het Archief is a time cap­sule for the present and future, and an open-end­ed zone to remem­ber through sound. The per­for­mances that are stored recall moments that will nev­er be repeat­ed, yet resound col­lec­tive moments in time. They not only tell a com­pre­hen­sive nar­ra­tive con­sist­ing of myr­i­ad son­ic sto­ries, but also mir­ror much big­ger things. To name just a few: local devel­op­ments, glob­al influ­ences, sub­cul­tur­al evo­lu­tion, inter­cul­tur­al links, cura­to­r­i­al shifts, artis­tic growth, and, of course, the state of (elec­tron­ic) music and Ams­ter­dam club cul­ture between 2016 and 2024.

With­in the archive you can find many artists, that either have passed through Octo­pus Agents and many oth­ers who are still on a ride with us, we invite you to explore the space and dive into this pre­cious son­ic space. Among oth­ers, the archive fea­tures sets by Kangding Ray, Orpheu The Wiz­ard, Antal, Inter­stel­lar Funk, Auro­ra Halal, Ges­loten Cirkel, Bam­bounou, Wata igarashi, Legow­elt, Neel, Iden­ti­fied Patient, Văn Anh, Ayesha, Kléo, Emi­ly Jeanne, NVST, Function, 

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