Occult Orientated Crime

Occult Orientated Crime is Danny Wolfers’ flagship ambient project. It is one that incorporates his many ambient aliases and long history with the genre into one all-encompassing musical phenomenon. Deeply rooted in his arcane neuroscientific knowledge of frequencies and melodies, the project saw first light in late 2014 with a first album on his own Nightwind Records. The promotional blurb that came with that album summed it up nicely: “Extremely trippy PRO ambient not just some jumbled up random chiliwave overcompressed ‘80s retro soggy biscuit jerkoff — - this is PROFESSIONAL AMBIENT - 100% psychedelic drug music with perfectly finetuned selected frequencies to alter your state of mind and take you to complete loss of subjective self-identity: the result of years of experimentation and research.” 

Years later and Occult Orientated Crime has now put out another well received album of ambient innovations on the mighty Dekmantel. He backs up his studio concoctions with a select amount of live performances that are best suitable to the more experimental and art focused festivals and venues. The shows feature two men —Wolfers plus talented studio engineer Jimi Hellinga, a graduate of the Utrecht University of Arts Music Technology— and rely on an interesting battery of all kinds of analogue and digital hardware tools. A specialist in both medieval instruments and all things hi-tech, Hellinga brings an extra dimension of spellbinding live synthesiser action. In short, these Occult Orientated Crime shows will hold audiences in a mesmerising awe and will have them enchanted for weeks to come.

Let’s say I was in a flow, or something like that.”

Occult Orientated Crime

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