Planetary Assault Systems

With a hard-as-nails concrete signature sound, recognised in a heartbeat, Planetary Assault Systems fronted a new direction in UK techno. It focused on building massive structures by forging both muscular and purposeful analog synthesis with gritty variations of his natural rhythmic sensibility. Planetary Assault Systems’ works in the 90s make up a fundamental part of history in the legendary Peacefrog’s back catalogue and are equally some of the most notable works from his own Mote–Evolver imprint.

Following a hiatus at the turn of the century, the moniker became a firm favourite among a new generation of techno fans upon its return. It was at this moment Planetary Assault Systems had found a new, and perfectly fitting, home with the Berghain and Ostgut Ton outfits. His multiple albums and EP’s on the label were never short of acclaim. While his longtime residency at the infamous club has always been a playground of sonic exploration for the progressive nature of PAS

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