Polar Inertia

Polar Inertia is a hazy entity formed in 2010, appearing at first as an electronic music act. Operating like a White-Out, they have built up a fog that surrounds the nature of their activities. The artists of Polar Inertia work in the shadows, hiding behind unseasonable music, the enigmatic words of the confused narrator, mysterious films and disturbing photographic documents.Their music materializes in some unique live performances, where they confront merciless drum sets to a dense mass of organic and emotional sounds.

​We are no one because we want to be no one, And to be no one we have to be everywhere and nowhere-​”

Polar Inertia
Polar Inertia

Their course of creation thus takes the direction of a polymorphic artistic process, bound to evolve in various fields of contemporary creation. As a matter of fact, these last years have seen Polar Inertia participate in various projects such as Nuit Blanche in Paris (Invited by Beton-Salon), the exhibition Scenario 21 12 and the Triennial of Contemporary Art in Tbilisi Georgia and recently at Le parfait flâneur, exhibition of the Palais de Tokyo.

Polar Inertia successfully confirms its interest for all these projects going way beyond the Techno scene - that had been its main first playground - but that will not keep Polar Inertia into its mesh.

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